Safe ADC company needs a competent and professional workforce.

Our company is constantly expanding and the number of cities in which we open offices is growing, which is why we are in a constant inflow of new professionals.

We are currently looking for high-tech air duct cleaning technicians, who available locally, and sales agents who love to help people and can sell service.

Our company works as one cohesive mechanism in which each employee is important as a separate component, without which all work will collapse.

All our employees strive to help each other, improve our service and increase efficiency. This attachment to company, colleagues and customers, as well as commitment to the use of advanced technology and modern developments in the field of vent cleaning and disinfection, allows Safe ADC company to maintain a leading position in this sector.

Requirements for our employees

  • Fully match your skill level;
  • Have a profile education;
  • Work experience of at least 3 years;
  • Be friendly, open, willing to help;
  • Love for your work and and humanity as a whole;
  • Aspiration to learn new things in the industry and a desire to improve oneself in the profession.

Benefits of working for Safe ADC Company

  • Friendly environment and teamwork, our whole team is one close-knit family;
  • Personal influence and mentoring instead of undue pressure and stress;
  • Career development opportunity;
  • The prestige of working in a company with years of experience in the industry and good competitive advantages over most of its competitors, providing exemplary customer service and satisfaction;
  • We provide a full practical training for all technicians and support program for all our specialists;
  • Competitive salary, above the market average.

For more information on the position you are interested in, feedback or answers to your questions, please contact us via our email or through the form below.