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Any heating and cooling system’s lifespan, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness depends on consistent and effective repairs. Failure to carry out consistent repairs, even the finest and costly system across the globe will not work normally. Heating and cooling system cleaning ensures the attainment of maximum energy effectiveness.

Heating and Cooling System Cleaning

Further, cleaning heating and cooling system eliminates microorganisms thriving in humid and dirty surroundings such as dusty ducts. When it comes to energy efficacy, heating and cooling systems may lead to a house to consume up to 30 percent more energy than needed. Therefore, cleaning the entire heating and cooling system solves these two problems.


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    Why Should You Clean Heating And Cooling system

    Benefits of having heating and cooling systems cleaned include improving indoor air quality. When living in a house, we generate a lot of pollutants including dust and chemicals. These pollutants are dragged into the heating and cooling system and re-circulated hence a build-up. This contamination of the heating and cooling systems later on causes severe complications for individuals with respiratory health disorders or allergies.

    Further, cleaning of heating and cooling systems ensures energy saving in a household. Contamination in the heating and cooling system forces it to work harder consuming a lot of energy. However, when the system is clean, it doesn’t have to work as hard and as result, less energy is used.

    Why Choose Safe ADC

    Safe ADC deploys its highly trained professionals to ensure that your heating and cooling system is effectively cleaned to get rid of ay particles that may affect its functionality. Most importantly, we ensure that any disease causing microorganisms are removed from your system and there is free air circulation.

    Our Advantages
    Trusted work
    Professional service
    Affordable prices
    No hidden costs
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    Why Clean Your Air Duct System

    • Reduce dust;
    • Remove mold and mildew;
    • Remove bad smells;
    • Remove cigarette and vape smell;
    • Improve airflow;
    • Help reduce allergies and asthma symptoms;
    • Reduce the risk of exhaust fires;
    • Increase efficiency of duct system;
    • Maintain indoor air quality;
    • Maintain comfortable temperatures;
    • Energy saving;
    • Promote better health;
    • Reduce repair costs.

    What We Do

    • Cleaning all ducts and vents from top to bottom;
    • Cleaning all main and return lines;
    • Commercial sanitization and cleaning;
    • Air conditioner maintenance or repair;
    • Furnace cleaning & repair;
    • Odour removal;
    • Indoor air quality testing;
    • Air conditioner installation & replacement;
    • Furnace installation;
    • Humidifier installation;
    • Hepa or air purification installation;
    • HVAC inspection;
    • Deep duct cleaning;
    • Filter replacement;
    • Basic sanitization and air balancing for each vent;
    • Dryer vent cleaning;
    • J-panel cleaning.

    What People Think About Us

    James C.
    Excellent duct cleaning service provided by a friendly and professional technicians! We use their service regularly!
    Paul D.
    They arrived exactly when they said, cleaned out my air duct system, and gave me some tips how to sanitize it. They charged an affordable price.
    Cindy T.
    From start to finish, my hvac cleaning went as planned. They've removed all the mold inside, the indoor has become cleaner. Professional team!!!

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      Popular Questions
      How often air duct systems need to be cleaned?
      Your air duct system need to be cleaned for the same reason as your house needs cleaning. It is recommended that HVAC systems be cleaned every 3 years.
      Will air duct cleaning lead to lower energy bills?
      HVAC systems cleaning can improve air flow up to 25%. That means your system shouldn't be running as long as it's supposed to. Less system uptime will reduce your energy costs and will lead to lower your energy bills.
      Can dirty air ducts cause disease?
      In homes with dirty air ducts, residents may experience symptoms similar to those of an allergy, including coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. Mold, dust, and other debris lurking in your ducts can also cause sore throat, headaches, and even dizziness.
      How do you know if the ducts need cleaning?
      There are several clear indications that the duct needs cleaning:
      • air filters get dirty too fast.
      • unexplained spikes in your energy bill.
      • signs of rodent or insect infestation.
      • dirt or dust around the vents and registers.
      • unexplained respiratory problems.
      • visible mold growth.
      • airflow isn't consistent from room to room.
      • noises in the ductwork.
      How often should I have my vents cleaned?
      A good rule of thumb for homeowners is to clean your ducts every three to five years. This is the minimum, as this is the length of time that it can take for the ducts to fill back up with grit and grime after a thorough cleaning. However, some homeowners are going to need more frequent cleanings.
      Do you have a guarantee for your duct cleaning services?
      Yes, our air duct cleaning services come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.