How to Stack Washer and Dryer

It is quite realistic to install the dryer on the washing machine. Of course, if the washing machine has a side front load of laundry. This is a great option for those who have a small living area but are not going to give up the services provided by the dryer.

How to Stack Washer and Dryer

Pros and Cons of Vertical Placement

  • If it is possible to install above the washing, it is better to do so. This method has several significant advantages. First of all, it saves space in the room. This is a significant factor for a standard city apartment with a small area. Usually, the bathrooms are tiny, which does not allow us to place all the equipment near the floor.
  • The location above the washing machine saves time. After washing, it is enough just to take things out of the washing machine and immediately load them into the dryer. There is no need to move around the room and carry things in a basket or basin accordingly. In this case, loading things into the dryer takes only a couple of minutes.
  • The main disadvantage is the need to use additional fastening structures and parts. Thus, more time is required for the installation, for the installation will have to make some effort. There may be difficulties with the connection of certain models of dryers. For example, a condensation dryer will need to be connected to a hood. The washing machine is not always located under the ventilation grille. Accordingly, additional ventilation ducts will have to be installed to connect the dryer to the extractor hood.
  • The difficulty is also in the future replacement or rearrangement of furniture. Due to the dryer’s fixed position, it will not be possible to change the furniture easily. It may be necessary to dismantle and then reinstall the dryer.
  • Therefore, it is important to consider all the above factors before buying and installing a dryer. It should be installed in such a way as to ensure a comfortable and safe operation and to avoid future difficulties.
Washer and Dryer Vertical Placement

Rules for Stacking Washer and Dryer

Installation of the washing machineIn this structure, the washing machine is always at the bottom. It weighs much more and therefore is as if the base of the column. It means that it is very important to install the washing machine correctly first.
The rotating drum inside the machine creates vibration. At the slightest unevenness of the floor, the washing machine will vibrate strongly during operation (especially when wringing laundry) and slide to one side or the other on the floor.
Therefore, everything must be done to reduce the vibration level of the washing machine. Install the machine on an even, preferably non-slip concrete floor. The wooden floor and other soft materials will only contribute to the vibration.
We check the stability of the machine. If the machine is tilted in any direction by light pressure on any corner of the top surface, it means that the machine is not ready for operation yet. All the more reason to install another unit on top of it. Adjusting the height of the machine’s feet will help you achieve a clear level and maximum stability of the machine.
Installation of the dryerInstall the dryer on top of the washing machine, you can only use the special fixture. Some manufacturers of dryers, complete with the models offer mounting fasteners. But most often, it has to be bought separately.
Fasteners are installed on the body of the washing machine, which is then attached to the dryer.
These connecting parts are necessary. First, to prevent the dryer from tilting down from top to bottom when working with any of the machines. Secondly, they protect the washing machine from vibration damage.
There is another method of installation: on the wall above the washing machine are fixed laths of durable material, where the dryer is then installed. Securely fixing the dryer to the wall is very important for the safety of your home and family.

Errors or carelessness in the installation will inevitably create difficulties for you in operation. Therefore it is always better to entrust this job to an experienced specialist.

Moments That are Worth Paying Attention to

  • Do not use mounts that you have doubts about.
  • Never switch on 2 units at a time (even if you are sure of the quality of mounts and reliability of wiring).
  • Remember: during operation, the dryer vibrates strongly, so leave a gap of two or three centimeters from the wall.
  • If possible, buy home appliances from the same company. In the set, it will look as harmonious as possible, will fit perfectly in any interior, and the fixtures will fit perfectly.
  • No possibility to buy units from the same manufacturer? Choose units of the same size (the overall dimensions of the bottom equipment under no circumstances should not be less than the dimensions of the drying room).
  • Never place the laundry dryer underneath the washing machine, as the latter is always much heavier and vibrates much more during the washing process.

The most important rule is that the installation must be safe. Do you doubt your abilities? Trust the installation to a professional who knows all the details of this case.