Dryer Squeaking When Running

The dryer is squeaking when tumbling? After working for a long time without any complaints, suspicious extraneous noise may appear in your dryer. You can link this with anything. A certain noise characterizes each specific malfunction of the dryer. Whatever caused the problem, it is best to trust professionals to fix it. Only a professional can determine the cause of this noise by a certain sound.

Dryer Squeaking When Running

In well-known brands that produce dryers, the causes of sounds may differ, but the main causes are the same for all. The main manufacturers of drying machines:

  • Samsung
  • GE
  • Whirpool
  • Kenmore
  • Maytag

How to Fix Squeaking Dryer

You can distinguish between the following types of sounds that the dryer can make during operation:

  • high squeaking noise
  • squeaking noise
  • grinding noise
  • screeching noise
  • thump noise

High Squeaking Noise

  • You may hear a high-frequency squeak during the first drying process. It may be caused by a pump, humidity sensor or felt strip which needs to be slightly wet before use.
  • A high squeaking may also be caused by a bad bearing, bushing, winding or motor start.
  • The cause may also be in the drive belt. After years of use, it may crack and cause a squeaking noise during the dryer operation. Disconnect the machine from the mains, remove the bottom access panel, check the belt and replace it if it is worn.

Squeaking Noise

The following reasons of dryer squeaking loudly are likely:

ReasonsHow to stop dryer from squeaking
The motor is locked or cannot rotate freelyThe device is overloaded. Unload a few items of clothing and try again.
The idler pulley does not work properlyUnplug the dryer and remove the front/lower access panel. The pulley and the shaft are next to the drive motor. Turn the pulley manually. If the pulley does not rotate smoothly, the pulley and the shaft must be replaced.
Clothing with metal ties, buttons, zippersSuch clothes should be dried very carefully, taking off metal parts in advance, or by placing clothes in a special bag.

Grinding Noise

The drum support bearing wears out during operation, resulting in this noise. To correct this problem, the dryer must be disconnected from the mains, the front panel and belt removed, and then the drum must be turned manually. If this is very difficult to do and the same noise appears, it means that the bearing has to be replaced.

How to fix squeaking dryer

Screeching Noise

This type of noise is caused by worn-out drum rollers and shaft. To eliminate this noise, you should unplug the dryer, remove the front panel and rollers and check their condition. If they look worn, they should be replaced, if not, they should be cleaned and oiled. This will allow the drum to rotate easily.

Thump Noise

A torn seal drum can produce this noise. If you notice tears or black marks on your clothes after drying, it only confirms this option. The reason for the torn seal drum also lies in years of use. To solve this problem, you need to disconnect the dryer from the power supply, open the dryer housing and remove the drum. Install a new sealing strip around the drum. Install the drum after it has dried.


In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, in case of any extraneous noise, please contact the professionals. All works, diagnostics, repairs, replacement of damaged parts are performed in a short period of time at the client’s home. All work is covered by a guarantee. Call Safe Air Duct Cleaning if you have any questions.